Functional Food Ingredients Update

We are happy to anounce that following product pages were updated and now can be accessed in English from our website or from direct links below. If you have any futher questions regarding functional ingredients or want to make a sample request do not hesitate to contact us.

Profine™ – organic product rich in amino acids to improve indurance and relieve stress.

Profiber™ – material abundant in resistant proteins and dieatary fiber that can improve gut flora.

Multi-Grain Koji™ – seven different types of grains combined and fermented together to produce digestion improving organic powder.

Ginger Koji – ginger material fermented with unique Japanese mold koji to preserve body temperature and regulate body fat accumulation.

Agaricus Mycelium FM and Meshimakobu Mycelium – mushroom-derived fermented materials with abundant β-glucan and polyphenol content show exceptional immune boosting activity.

Red Koji Powder K-F and Red Koji Liquid 2000 – both are derivatives of rice fermentation with special red koji mold and can help to improve blood vessels and damaged liver condition.

Plant-Based Lactic Fermented Material YJK-13 – a plant based product fermented with original Yeagaki Biotechnology JK-13 lactic bacteria strain which helps to improve intestinal flora and digestion problems.

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