Yaegaki Biotechnology


Yaegaki Biotechnology Functional Food ingredients

Functional Food Ingredients

We use fermentation and purification technologies to develop functional food ingredients from microorganisms and natural materials in order to contribute to people’s health.

Yaegaki Biotechnology General Food Ingredients

General Food Ingredients

We develop natural flavouring agents including sweeteners and acidulants through fermentation of koji moulds and acetic acid bacteria.
By selectively combining different microorganisms, we generate a wide range of flavours.

Yaegaki Biotechnology Food Colourants

Food Colourants

We develop natural food colourants such as Monascus Colour obtained from purple-red koji mould (Monascus purpureus) cultures, as well as botanical food colourants including marigold and paprika.

Yaegaki Biotechnology New Fields

New Fields

We strive to develop new materials, including pharmaceutical intermediates and cosmetics materials, that contribute widely to healthy lifestyles by using our fermentation, emulsification, and other technologies.


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