Yaegaki Biotechnology New Fields

New Fields

Based on a foundation of long-cultivated technologies,
we will keep striving to open up new possibilities.

Armed with our technologies in fermentation and emulsification, among others, we at Yaegaki Biotechnology endeavor to take on ventures in new fields and further expand the potential of microorganisms and natural materials.

Technology introduction

  • Yaegaki Biotechnology β-Chitin nanofibers

    β-Chitin nanofibers

    Yaegaki Biotechnology has been the leading company in research and development of chitin and chitosan for almost 40 years.
    We have developed techniques for high-purity extraction and nanoization of β-chitin, and anticipate application of our β-chitin nanofibres in a wide range of fields such as health foods, cosmetics and regenerative medicine.

  • Yaegaki Biotechnology Sargassum horneri research

    Sargassum horneri research

    Sargassum horneri is a species of brown microalgae found along the coast of Japan that has a negative reputation as a “menace of the sea” as it can become tangled up in fishing nets and screw propellors on fishing boats. However, Sargassum horneri is rich in health-promoting oligosaccharides such as fucoidan and fucoxanthin, and so its use in food products is increasing. It is expected that in the future this material will be used in a wide range of industrial applications including cosmetics.
    At Yaegaki Biotechnology, we are carrying out research into the anti-viral effects and other bioactivities of Sargassum horneri.
    We effectively develop previously unexploited resources into safe and reliable natural materials to meet a diverse range of needs.


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