Yaegaki Biotechnology Quality management

Quality management

Yaegaki Biotechnology Company Philosophy

Company Philosophy

Yaegaki Biotechnology has contributed widely to society through our natural food additives and ingredients. In addition, as a planet-friendly company which is also located near the clear streams of the Hayashida River, we recognize the importance of striving to coexist with the local region. Therefore, we promote conservation activities throughout our workforce based on the policies below.

Environmental Policy

  1. 1 We comply with the requirements of legislations and treaties concerning environmental issues and will rapidly respond to new legislations in the future.
  2. 2
    We strive to prevent the following pollution and undertake activities to improve pollution issues on an ongoing basis.
    • Reduction and maintenance of low levels of water and air pollution from wastewater and exhaust fumes.
    • Reduction and management of the environmental burden caused by waste products and wastewater.
    • Reduction of energy use and development of replacement energy sources.
  3. 3 Together with the local community, we promote volunteer activities for the conservation of nature and the environment.
  4. 4 We work to build and maintain good relations with the local community.
  5. 5 In order to achieve these policies, we establish specific environmental objectives and goals and apply implementation programs to achieve these objectives.

We educate our entire workforce and related parties about our environmental policy and aim to ensure that everyone is fully aware of its importance.
We also make our environmental policy available to the general public.

Quality Management Initiatives

At Yaegaki Biotechnology, we enforce a thorough quality management
system in order to provide safe and reliable products to our customers.

Yaegaki Biotechnology ISO 9001-based Quality Management System (QMS)

ISO 9001-based Quality Management System (QMS)

We obtained ISO 9001, the international standard for Quality Management Systems, certification in 2001 for the Yaegaki Biotechnology main factory and in 2015 for the entire company.

We work daily to guarantee the safety and quality of our products based on the ISO 9001 standards and provide satisfactory products and services to our customers.

Yaegaki Biotechnology FSSC 22000-based Food Safety Management System

FSSC 22000-based Food Safety Management System

We obtained FSSC 22000, the international standard for Food Safety Management Systems, certification for manufacturing of condiments (fish sauce) in the Yaegaki Biotechnology main factory in 2012.

We continually strive to uphold the FSSC 22000 hygiene standards in our manufacturing environment and products and to manufacture products at a world-class level.

*We plan to sequentially extend the range of certification.

Quality Management Policies

In order to respond to customer demands through our combined workforce in accordance with our quality management system, we promote the following quality management policies.

  1. 1 We concentrate the combined efforts of the Yaegaki Group as a unit in order to create superior products that satisfy our customers needs in terms of quality, price, and speed.
  2. 2 We realize mutual prosperity for both us and our customers through smooth communication and discussion.
  3. 3 We continually renew and refine our quality management system in order to improve its effectiveness.
  4. 4 We pay consideration to the environment in our business activities.
  5. 5 We create and implement plans to improve all departments based on customer feedback.
  6. 6 We set quality management goals and periodically review their states of achievement.
  7. 7 We comply with laws and regulations and deliver safe and reliable products to our customers.
  8. 8 In order to reliably execute these policies, we aim to strengthen links among the Yaegaki Group and improve internal communications within each department.


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