Yaegaki Biotechnology Company History

Company History

  • 1971 Yaegaki Brewing & Machinery succeeds in developing the Monascus colour food colourant.
    The Colourant department is established.
  • 1979 Yaegaki Biotechnology, Inc. (at the time named Yaegaki Bio-industry, Inc.) is established.
  • 1986 Construction of the Yaegaki Research Institute is completed.
  • 1988 Construction of the Yasutomi Factory is completed.
  • 1995 The Yaegaki Research Institute is reorganized into the Yaegaki Technology Development Laboratory.
    BAXING Co., Ltd is founded in Taiwan.
  • 1999 The Heathcare Development department is established in Yaegaki Biotechnology.
    • 2001 The Yaegaki Biotechnology Main Factory achieves ISO 9001: 2000 certification.
    • 2002 Construction of the Yakumo Factory is completed.
    • 2003 Construction of the Yaegaki Biotechnology Spray Drying Factory is completed.
    • 2004 Construction of the Yasutomi Powder Processing Factory is completed.
    • 2012 Food Safety Management System (FSSC 22000) certification is acquired for seasoning (fish sauce) manufacturing.
    • 2015 The ISO 9001 certification range is extended to the include the entire Yaegaki Biotechnology facility.
    • 2016 Integrum Health Design is founded as a joint venture with IP Bridge, Inc.
    • 2017 BAXING Co., Ltd is dissolved.
      The Tokyo Office is established in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo.


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